We all know how great we look and feel after a good waxing session, but we often don’t think about how important it is to take care of your waxed skin in between waxes. There are some foolproof things you can do to help your skin stay healthy and looking its best.

How Do You Keep Your Skin Healthy In Between Waxes?

  • Keep your skin hydrated – Moisturizing your skin keeps it supple, which means there’s less of a chance that you’ll get ingrown hair or skin irritations.
  • Exfoliate – When you exfoliate your skin, it allows hairs that could be hiding under dead skin to be lifted and make it easier to remove.  
  • Wax every four weeks – It’s important to keep regular appointments. Your hair grows in three different cycles. That’s why every four weeks is recommended.
  • Monitor your skin – Check your skin regularly to make sure you don’t have bumps, abrasions, redness, swelling or other issues that might affect your next wax. Don’t forget to check your private, intimate parts of your body. Also, keep everything clean.
  • Make sure to let your waxing professional know about any medication you’re on that could cause thin skin or skin dryness. Strong medications, like acne medicine or topical creams, can mean thinner and dryer than usual skin. That can lead to skin lift, and skin lift can lead to an unsightly mark or burn. It can also make you more susceptible to infections.
  • Don’t wear your tightest clothes right after your wax. Looser-fitting clothes will help you avoid friction. It’s especially important after you wax private, intimate body parts.Ingrown hairs happen when a hair cannot make it through the follicle wall. Sometimes, this can result in a pustule-like bump that can look red and irritated and be sore to the touch.

What are some things you should NOT do after a wax?

  • Don’t shave in between waxes. If you cannot avoid shaving, make sure you don’t do it two weeks before your next waxing appointment. If you haven’t been waxing for very long, your roots will be thicker and much harder to remove. Your hair has to be at least 4mm long to wax.
  • Don’t go to a tanning bed or sunbathe for 24 hours before or after your hair removal session. The sun makes your skin more sensitive, which makes you more susceptible to skin lift. If you are in the sun after your wax, you could end up with burns.
  • Don’t work out or go into a jacuzzi, sauna or steam room for 24 hours after your waxing treatment. If you do, you’re at a higher risk for bacterial infection, and you increase your chances of getting ingrown hairs.
  • No spray tanning on the day of your wax – not before and not after. You don’t want your follicles to look tattooed.

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