Spa Atlantis new orleans Esthetician Whitney SummersTaking care of your skin is super important, especially your face! That’s the only part of you that is always exposed to the elements, so it’s important to protect it. We asked Whitney, one of our Estheticians, about her skincare recommendations, and about some of the services she performs here at Spa Atlantis.

What are some of your top skincare tips?

Since we’re approaching the summer, ease off of any active ingredients that are in your skincare routine. Substitute things that contain retinol, or aggressive hydroxy acids, with a multivitamin serum, vitamin C serum, peptides, or something with an enzymatic exfoliate, like the Cherries Jubilee Mask by Rhonda Allison (which we carry). You want to use something that is going to replace what your skin loses – opt for hydration instead of correction.

What are some common questions (as well as your answers) whenever people get facials for the first time?

A lot of first time clients want to see results, and usually ask when they’ll start to see a difference. Most often, we see clients that have pigmentation or acne issues. Skincare is cumulative, it’s not going to change overnight. With regular treatments from an esthetician and proper at home care, you’ll see results.

What is the most popular spa atlantis facial service that people come in for?

Right now, it’s the Facial Extraordinaire. We premiered it last year, and it is far and away the most popular facial. People will come in for a basic facial, and they typically upgrade to the Extraordinaire. It involves lots of corrective productives, but it’s a luxury facial too, so it’s very relaxing.

What is the #1 facial care step that most people miss & how would you recommend they integrate it into their routine?

Tons of people that don’t cleanse before they go to bed, but it’s super duper important! Most people just go straight to sleep. Even if you don’t wear makeup during the day, you’ve still got to remove any built up oil, sweat, dirt, and bacteria.

Also, a lot of people don’t moisturize in Nola. They don’t want anything heavy on their skin, with as hot and humid as it is here. You can get around that by using a lightweight hydrating serum. Your skin doesn’t get hydration that it needs to stay healthy without a proper moisturizer. Fun fact, Hyaluronic acid binds water to skin cells! So the humidity actually works in your favor!

What’s the best facial for rejuvenating aging skin?

We start with the Ageless Antioxidant Facial – it focuses on putting moisture and antioxidants back into the skin. After that, we do a series of peels. It all depends on the person’s skin, and what their individual needs are. Proper treatment is our top priority.

Are there any facials that make the skin especially sensitive afterward? (i.e. anything that would prevent someone from reapplying makeup right after a session)?

Facials actually don’t make the skin super sensitive. Peels do, but we will make sure you are absolutely ready to go after treatment. There’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to apply makeup afterwards. And after peels we will send you home with products for after care!


Last thoughts?

Skincare is cumulative – we’re into people making an investment into their skin. We always want to give you the proper treatment plan, and make sure you see results!


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Spa Atlantis is excited to announce a soft opening for hair appointments only beginning this Sunday, May 17th!

We will be taking the following steps so everyone can have a serene yet safe experience:

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