People in search of more youthful skin have for decades relied on chemical peels, which is seen as one of the least invasive ways to improve how your skin looks. Spa Atlantis has several types of facial peels to help your skin look its best.

Although it’s called a chemical peel, nothing on your face actually peels. Beauty professionals apply a chemical solution to your skin that works to dissolve the upper layers of your skin.

After the upper layers dissolve and the skin is healed, the new tissue that appears is fresher, and your skin becomes smoother.

What are the benefits of facial peels?

  • Decreases fine lines and wrinkles faster and more effectively than creams and serums.
  • Better complexion means more confidence.
  • Chemical peels are an affordable way to rejuvenate your skin.
  • They’re quick! They don’t take very long, and they don’t require downtime or recovery.
  • Chemical peels lessen the appearance of damage to your skin from the sun as well as melasma, or dark skin discoloration that’s often found in pregnant women but can happen to anyone.
  • Chemical peels encourage new cells to turn over, which makes your skin look brighter and better.
  • Chemical peels can lessen the looks of skin acne, reduce acne scarring, and even make blemishes look smaller!

Beauty experts say the best time of year to get a facial peel is in January, because you have been out of the sun for a few months and your skin color is at its truest tone.

What types of peels does Spa Atlantis offer?

  • BioActive Lunchtime Peel – Performed by certified skincare specialists, this Dermalogica peel is a powerful new resurfacing treatment designed to address skin roughness, fine lines and wrinkles, acne breakouts, skin congestion, hyperpigmentation and more. The result is brighter, softer, radiant skin. Your service will include a take-home kit to ensure lasting results. The treatment is $110 and takes about 45 minutes to complete.
  • Glowing Renewal Peel – This is a hydrating corrective peel that strengthens skin and stimulates collagen production while addressing fine lines and wrinkles. It is ideal for aging and sensitive skin types. The treatment takes 60 minutes and costs $135.
  • Organic Herbal Peel – This peel is ideal for balancing excess oil production and refining thicker skin types that are more acne prone. This peel not only clarifies and exfoliates your skin, it also promotes new cell turnover, minimizes scarring and heals your skin. It costs $135 for a 60-minute treatment.
  • Renewal Hand Peel – This treatment removes dull outer layers of the skin and helps your hands look and feel healthier than ever. The cost is $35, and the treatment takes about half an hour.

Spa Atlantis also offers other facial enhancement services, such as eye rescue, lip renewal and eyebrow and eyelash tinting. Click here to book your next appointment.

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