My heavenly retreat for relaxation!

Decor is simple, beautiful, and comfortable. The atmosphere is tranquil. You’re given a beverage of choice while you wait for your masseuse or esthetician in a dimly lit waiting area with soft, relaxing music. Between my mimosa and the surroundings, it’s inevitable that my body beings to become less tense at this point.

If you’re going to get a massage during your visit, and I always do, you MUST go all out with the 80 minute massage. Anything less and you’re shorting body of complete comfort and revitalization!

What amazed me the most is how much my masseuse, Ashley (“Ash”) C., could verbalize my habits and lifestyle through working on my muscles. Yes, I do look down and pick up a lot (small children). Yes, I do sleep on my stomach and in weird positions. Yes, I do clench and grind my teeth. She’s that good! Best of all, she gave me self-help tips for each of these unhealthy habits. She didn’t just pat me down and send me out the door with a request to come back ASAP (although I clearly will). She was truly interested in helping me take care of my body!

When your treatment is complete, you’re escorted to another area of the spa where you can shower, change, and take care of your needs before stepping back into the real world. They have hair dryers, complimentary combs, beauty products and other assorted toiletries. I was impressed.

I encourage everyone to come here and treat yourself to any one of their services! You will not regret it.

To our clients and our beloved New Orleans

We're all in this together. While we must close our doors and practice social distancing during the height of this pandemic, please trust that we are reflecting and focusing our energy on new ways to help you relax, restore, and feel your best. While it's in our nature to care for you during times of high stress, the city of New Orleans and Department of Health and Hospitals are urging all non-essential healthcare facilities and high-touch workplaces to cease operation until at least April 13. We opened Spa Atlantis to take care of you after the regional crisis of Hurricane Katrina, and we'll continue to be here for you after this one passes.

Richard Borne and the Spa Atlantis Team

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Be safe, and much love!

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