Lifesaver spa and salon! Went to New Orleans for a wedding and could not get a coloring appointment for my hair before I left home, and my grey hairs were in full force. I was also in desperate need of a stress relieving massage.  They hooked it up on both fronts, and the price was amazing!!!! Thank you!  Annie, my massage therapist, worked out all my kinks, even the ones I did not know were there.  She is excellent, and I am a massage therapist by the way.  Tara did my color.  She was hilarious, and my color turned out great!  I left there feeling like a super relaxed Rock Star.  Everybody was so nice and sweet and so were the mimosas.  Thank you, Ladies, for the everything you did!  I would not have made it through the weekend without you

Spa Atlantis is excited to announce a soft opening for hair appointments only beginning this Sunday, May 17th!

We will be taking the following steps so everyone can have a serene yet safe experience:

All visitors & staff will be required to wear masks.
Staff will wear gloves at all times.
Services by appointment only with contactless payment

Email to schedule your appointment, or book online!

If you would like to be notified when we are operational please enter your email below.

Be safe, and much love!

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